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So back to Snow White, most of all her needs and feelings really do seem to matter as real priority to the dwarves (and I’m assuming later with her prince). She definitely loves and nurtures them in her own healing way and it really benefits them, but under all that the dwarves want her comfortable and happy and thus respect her wishes for peace and order and such, and they are cherishing her in their own way. Even the animals cherish her feelings, gathering around her in the forest when she is afraid and she has the courage to admit her vulnerability there and cry. And the hunter cherished her feelings too, sparing her from the queens orders of killing her. To me being cherished and having one’s deeper feelings and needs honored rather than having to “buck up” and bury them is how I as a woman feel loved. Maybe not every woman needs that cherishing (more on that in a bit), but I know I do, it is at the very center of things. The problem for me with Mulan is I don’t feel her being cherished one little bit so that would be soul killing for me, it would be being unloved. But you obviously do find something there that moves you, so it nourishes you in the way you need. Maybe not every one needs cherishing to be loved, I’ve been thinking about that. But for some of us it is a very true and valid need.

Because the thing is, I am realizing more and more that we have very different comfort cues. That has been one hidden lesson I’ve found in all this, that different women can be strongly in their own female energy and comfort cues and the result of what they desire from that place can be very different, because their comfort cues are so different. That’s what I’ve concluded on the whole uppityness/ resistant woman thing now too. For me being a resistant woman would be utterly soul killing because it is not about being cherished at all, and I could fill pages with why I see that. But uppityness, what that is about is only surrendering on your own terms, by having your surrender actually drawn from you by your partner in whatever way you need that. Folks like DeeMarie for example need that through violence and machismo and bullying type behavior which would do the very opposite of draw my surrender it would harm me instead, but they work for her. And I’m sure you need your own different things drawing forth your surrender too. But the point is that we are all being “uppity” and in our female energy and honoring our comfort cues by not settling for less than what we all need to have our surrender drawn forth. And what I need, and I’m sure some others need as well whether they are silent or not, is true and manifest cherishing.