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Women are contributing far more to society than men are and since men cannot bear children, they feel they will never have a “fair hand” again (because now women have equal cards and have proven their intellectual and earning abilities to be the same as men) and that makes men angry simply because they were used to be lied to, coddled, and offered freebies just because they had dicks.

The United States is still very sexist against women and obviously the laws against sexism need to be stricter, more varied, and internationally enforced (as it already is in most nations EXCEPT the United States).

Women aren’t going anywhere and men are also not ever going to magically be able to give birth, so honestly nobody really has a choice but to please whomever ensures the continuance of the human race (which is obviously women) or know that women can just refuse to have babies, kill off men, and decide when to end the world. That’s how Patriarchy came about in the first place….men (and women) were terrified of the power of the womb and birth has over both men, women, and the continuance of the human race. So they stepped on it, abused it, shamed it, and then lost it.

That’s where you gentleman put yourselves and it’s nobody’s fault but your own. Women kindly allowed your bullshit and nonsense to go on and did so with dignity. The men shit on that and abused and thus…..we took it away and they will never have it again.

There will always be 10 men who will die for a woman……for every one misogynist piece of shit who won’t. Either way….women are the winners. Sorry dude.

Lady Raine Says:
May 2, 2010 at 3:02 PM
what do I need a girlfriend for, especially if I have to pretend to care about her bastard children? manipulating low IQ females into threesomes is certainly a better deal for men than the zero sum game that is modern marriage or having a family or even a LTR.