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It’s kind of strange to have to be a broken record with some of this stuff, but I’m finding the need to repeat a few things. One is that I never said I agreed with all of what Pat Allen says, so I am asking you yet again to please stop comparing me to her. Many of the thoughts on all this are purely my own, even though much of her stuff overlaps. But it is not simply the same thing. That Allen would not agree with all of what I write is totally irrelevant. She wouldn’t agree with all of what you write either. Yet we both have found some real value in parts of her work and incorporated some of her ideas. And that is all it is.

Another thing to mention again is that by being comfortable I mean this in a deeper sense. Yes of course there are times the baby is crying etc, but still overall deep down a woman should be comfortable, and gaining more than losing from the situation, being nourished by it underneath, like what shines through in those Madonna paintings for example. If that is not the deeper feeling deep down overall, one of inner contentment (or whatever is one’s “rightness” signal, for me it’s contentment), then I think that is a signal something is wrong in the situation. Different things may give different women contentment etc but an overall feeling of that should be there I feel if one is in a situation true to her female energy.

As I’m sure it is with you. Because even with those moments of tantrums or chores or whatever that are part of the package I’ll bet you are overall happy with your life and wouldn’t want to lose it. And I’ll bet what you feel is actually honored by your partner, I can’t picture you truly doing something that deep down violated your comfort cues. Again, following your comfort cues doesn’t mean that every little thing is comfortable but that deep down overall things truly do feel right to you, more nourishing than not, and giving to you more than they take from you overall so that you can still remain in your own form of female receptive energy. But you wouldn’t feel that way if you were a servant, you wouldn’t be able to expect that contentment etc deep down and be able to listen to your comfort cues and shift things according to your needs when you can. You would instead just be expected to ignore those comfort cues and buck up and serve whether it felt right to you overall or not, so you’d have to clamp down on your very own female receptive core much to your harm
because your feelings and needs would not truly come first to your partner.