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sounds as though he really does need to try what I have suggested.. you don't need to 'show who is the boss'... you just need to realise that you already ARE and didn't know it!.. and, as I have said, your love and care will be returned magnified many times over by your woman.

Submitted by ben on Thu, 27/11/2003 - 17:09. Login or register to post comments
Ben, men, and a fragile sense of masculinity
Ben doesn't sound like a sissy to me, he sounds like a total dream. And as I have just commented on another thread, I am particularly impressed by couples who, instead of enacting a stereotype, create their own ways of doing things, that suit them as the individuals they are.

Secondly, to me, a dominant man who does not have a problem with doing housework is one who is secure in his masculinity, i.e., strong, not weak, and certainly not a sissy. It is those who appear to have such an aversion to doing so-called womanly tasks like housework, that make me wonder. Just how fragile is his manhood if it is threatened by a spot of cleaning? Oops, sorry, chaps! Just my little joke. 8-)

Submitted by the boss on Fri, 28/11/2003 - 04:18. Login or register to post comments
An aversion to housework? Oh yes
..... Though in my case it it more to do with sheer laziness than because I think it is "sissy". At the moment, I live by myself, which means I *have* to do the housework (though I do also employ a cleaner ;-)),

else it does not get done. I do not enjoy it, and avoid it till it needs to be done, but I do not think it sissy....

To me, there is no right or wrong label that can be assigned to housework, as such. It needs to be done, and if one partner wants to do it, I am not about to tell them they are wrong. The underlying reason for why it is done is, however, critical. If a man is dominated by his partner, such that she forces him to do the house work (mistress/slave relationship),